Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Smokey Eyes

The holidays, and winter is the perfect time to do smokey eyes with a subtle pink blush and nude lips! Carrie Underwood has mastered this look...along with country music and life.

Here's how to get her fabulous look:

Use a taupe shadow for your base color on your eyeshadow, this will help your eyeshadow not take on a blue hue which happens when you mix white and black or gray. Then use a charcoal or black on your crease. Apply a white or cream shadow under your brows to highlight your eyes. You can also add your light shimmer color to the inner corners of your eyes to add extra sparkle. My favorite lines for eyeshadow are Stila, MAC and Make Up For Ever.

Next line your eyes (I'd use a gel liner- MAC, Maybelline or Bobbi Brown). Line your upper lash line and then your inner rim. Now take an eye liner brush and line underneath your eyes with your darkest shadow, this will soften the look and give you a great smudged look. If you want a cleaner look skip this. Curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara...lots of it!

Apply a pink blush to your cheeks. Something like Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush #2 or Nars Deep Throat

Last, you need a nude lip. Sometimes light brown can be too brown and pale pink can look a little Barbie. So, adding a peach lip gloss to a true nude lip helps brighten a little, or adding a gold gloss to a pale pink tones it down to make your lips look perfect....and one great thing about nude lipstick...it makes your lips look bigger! For lipstick try Maybelline's new Pearls Lipcolor. They offer a variety of nude shades. Another one of my favorite lines for lipstick is MAC, you will find any color under the sun and more.

Remember, everyone can do a smokey eye! You don't just have to stick to a gray tone, you can do a brown smokey and mix in golds, plum or a dark green smokey.


  1. Question - smokey eyes are only for the evening, correct? Because I love how it looks, but want a daytime version...any tips? :)

  2. Briana,

    Dramatic smokey eyes are usually for the evening, but you can do it whenever depending on your look and where you are...I mean the Kardashians do smokey eyes 24/7 and I LOVE their look! For a smokey look during the days tone it down a bit by using less of your dark contour color, also instead of the gel or liquid liner you can use pencil liner and smudge it to soften the look.