Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Terrific Tweezers

I realized today that I haven't shared with all of you my favorite tweezers....you've probably heard of Tweezerman products and that their tweezers are the best, well, it's true! I got hooked on this product when I first started doing makeup. They were a suggested product on my supplies list for makeup school and I figured they had to be great since my instructor and others at the school recommended them...after actually using them on my clients and on my own brows I saw how GREAT they are. These tweezers in many makeup artists' kits....which means they are a product for the pros, and one you can own and use everyday. Their most popular design is the slanted tweezer. I LOVE that there are so many designs and colors offered (why should tweezers be boring, right?!), and while you may think $25 is a lot for tweezers you can know that they will last. You can mail them in to be sharpened for FREE and they can be repaired for $5 (all of this info is on their fabulous website).

Whether you just need new tweezers, travel size tweezers or a brow kit Tweezerman is where you should look. You can easily find this product at Sephora, Ulta, or drug stores.

Quick tip: if you tweeze your own brows remember to step away from the mirror from time to time so you can look at yourself from afar, this will help you avoid ending up with super thin brows that need to be penciled in...and remember less is more, tweeze a few hairs at a time, don't overdo it.


  1. I love this! I will never buy another tweezer, and I couldn't even sell Bobbi Brown's tweezers though I would have made commission off of them. I would tell people to go to planet beauty to get tweezermans =)

  2. Ha, honesty is the best policy, even if it means less commission sometimes!