Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Tip: Rim with Rimmel

Really readers, Rimmel has become my favorite soft kohl black eyeliner!

Pencil eyeliners often don't stay in place all day (on me at least), or they somehow end up smearing under my eyes...not the case here. I've been using the
Rimmel Jet Black Kajal Eye Liner Pencil (Soft Kohl) for a few weeks now and it is working perfectly. At $3.19 this is a GREAT deal! An even better deal is how I ended up with it at Ulta a few weeks ago for free.....I stumbled upon this little product when I was browsing Ulta (as I often do). I was about to get my usual level one rewards product- a 200 count bag of cotton squares...I always use them on myself or clients when removing eye makeup, so why not get them for free right? Well, I noticed a Rimmel eye pencil was one of my options (some of the options change each quarter). I figured why not check it out, I always need eye pencils. I will definitely be purchasing another black pencil and a few other colors for my kit...who knows I may even get a few more colors for myself too!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Glamorous Giveaway!

Just in case anyone is wondering, my giveaway offer from a few posts ago still stands! I am going to do a giveaway of a gift card in the amount of $15 to the winner's choice of Ulta or Sephora.

Here are the two components that will make the drawing happen....1. Spread the word about my blog to your friends. I will not do the drawing until I have 50 followers...I'm now at 35 followers, so this is totally achieveable :) 2. Comment on a blog post from today forward...only people who comment will be entered for the drawing (if you have commented on or since August 2 you are already in the drawing).

Once I reach 50 followers I will enter the names of people who commented into random.org (in the order they comment in) and I will let random.org select a winner. Then the winner will just have to let me know where they would like to shop within 48 hours of me announcing the winner, which means you will need to check my blog. Help me make this giveaway happen!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tuesday Tip: Be a Skinny Girl

As in Skinnygirl Cosmetics by Bethenny Frankel! You may know Bethenny from The Real Houswives of New York City, Bethenny Getting Married? or Bethenny Ever After. Or you may know her better because of her Skinnygirl Margarita. Bethenny is an accomplished business woman who has decided to venture into the world of cosmetics and I'm loving her being in it!

Skinnygirl Cosmetics are sold exclusively at Walmart, which means they are definitely affordable. I was drawn into the line by the cute packaging and of course her name (what can I say, I'm a huge Real Housewives fan). While the packaging is great I was more concerned about the actual product...and after trying a few different items I'm hooked and debating which product I will try next. The good news is that since they are priced so low it will be easy to try new products. Here are a few of my favs (so far...)

Plumping Lip Gloss (in peach)- We've all tried plumping lip glosses...some work, some don't....some make your lips so numb you can't feel them. Not the case here, the gloss makes your lips tingle a little, but nothing major. The gloss has a sheen to it, so the sheen mixed with the plumping action gives your lips a great pouty look...you'll be ready to walk the runway in a fashion show or in your everyday life!

Cleansing Facial Cloths- these face wipes are a-maz-ing...perfect for travel, keeping in your gym bag, or using instead of face wash on those nights when you are oh so tired and don't feel like going through the exhausting steps of actually washing your face. They have a faint cucumber scent which makes me feel like I'm stepping into a spa!

Face Solutions Kit- This fun kit includes a Detox Face Mask, Vitamin C Face Scrub and an Energizing Lip Gloss. I appreciated that both the mask and scrub left my face feeling refreshed and moisturized. So often with masks or scrubs you feel like your face has been robbed of all moisture. The lip gloss was a fun touch, I don't know how "energized" I felt, but it was a good clear gloss that wasn't too sticky and you can always use more than one of those, right?!

Tinted Moisturizer- This moisturizer really impressed me because it has a brush on the end, which helps with blending. For some reason I HATE using my fingers when applying foundation on myself, it weirds me out, so having the brush there was great. The moisturizer had enough coverage in it that it blended/evened out my skin tone...this is the perfect product if you want a little something on your face when you go for a run or to the gym, or if you don't wear a lot of makeup it will serve as a good base. It comes in different shades and has SPF, which you know is a must.

You can order these products online or get them at Walmart, from what I saw online prices range from about $5-$15 which means they are absolutely worth a try!

Images from walmart.com

Sunday, February 12, 2012

2012 Grammy Makeup I'm Loving

While I'm enjoying the performances and fashion of the Grammys what I'm loving the most is the makeup! Here are a few of my favorites....

Taylor Swift's subtle look- usually she rocks a dramatic cat eye, and tonight she has softer eyes with pretty pink blush. I'm loving this look and it is something that makes her eyes stand out more than her eye makeup...try this look at home with light brown shadows and black pencil eyeliner. Don't forget your powder blush...check out one of my favorite color lines Nars for the perfect color.

Rihanna's almost black lips and blonde waves- the last time I posted about Rihanna was after her MTV Video Music Award performance and she had red hair with red lips. Tonight she is making an equally bold statement, and it looks just as great! For beachy waves like her's use Fekkai Beach Waves. Spritz this on wet hair, let it air dry or use a diffuser. You may want to add a few curls to your top layer with a straightener or curling iron...spray and go! And for plum, almost black lips visit MAC...I love thier lipsticks, and remember, being extra dramatic is a good thing sometimes!

Adele's smokey eyes- What's not to love, she has big almond shaped eyes that are perfectly made up in gray smokey shades...the key to a fabulous look is being sure to highlight the inner corners of your eyes and using a gel or liquid liner and lots of mascara. Create a cattier look by thickining your liner on the ends and bringing it to a point. With smokey eyes a soft pink or nude lip looks perfect.

Lady Antebellum's Hillary looking fabulous in plum. Brunettes always look amazing in plums, she had a perfect plum smokey eye going on with plum nails. Her super straight hair added to the look. For straight hair you'll love use a Chi, or my current favorite straightener HAI.