Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Smokey Eyes

The holidays, and winter is the perfect time to do smokey eyes with a subtle pink blush and nude lips! Carrie Underwood has mastered this look...along with country music and life.

Here's how to get her fabulous look:

Use a taupe shadow for your base color on your eyeshadow, this will help your eyeshadow not take on a blue hue which happens when you mix white and black or gray. Then use a charcoal or black on your crease. Apply a white or cream shadow under your brows to highlight your eyes. You can also add your light shimmer color to the inner corners of your eyes to add extra sparkle. My favorite lines for eyeshadow are Stila, MAC and Make Up For Ever.

Next line your eyes (I'd use a gel liner- MAC, Maybelline or Bobbi Brown). Line your upper lash line and then your inner rim. Now take an eye liner brush and line underneath your eyes with your darkest shadow, this will soften the look and give you a great smudged look. If you want a cleaner look skip this. Curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara...lots of it!

Apply a pink blush to your cheeks. Something like Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush #2 or Nars Deep Throat

Last, you need a nude lip. Sometimes light brown can be too brown and pale pink can look a little Barbie. So, adding a peach lip gloss to a true nude lip helps brighten a little, or adding a gold gloss to a pale pink tones it down to make your lips look perfect....and one great thing about nude lipstick...it makes your lips look bigger! For lipstick try Maybelline's new Pearls Lipcolor. They offer a variety of nude shades. Another one of my favorite lines for lipstick is MAC, you will find any color under the sun and more.

Remember, everyone can do a smokey eye! You don't just have to stick to a gray tone, you can do a brown smokey and mix in golds, plum or a dark green smokey.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Brushes

I have had many readers and clients ask me what brushes are the best ones to buy...so here it is!

Brushes you need for basic everyday makeup:
Foundation Brush (unless you use your fingers or a sponge)
Powder Brush (for powder and bronzer)
Blush Brush
2 Eyeshadow Brushes (one that is densly packed for applying color, one that is fluffier to blend and apply lighter colors with)
Lip Brush (only if you use glosses in pots or want a more sheer look from your lipstick)

If you want to invest a good amount of money:
Trish McEvoy (she's known for her brushes)
MAC (lots of choices)
Bobbi Brown (great brushes, two options for handles-long or short)
Giorgio Armani (their blender brush is the BEST foundation brush, the other brushes are comparable to other lines)

If you want a steal:
Ecotools (you can purchase at Walgreens or Ulta, sold individually or in sets and green friendly)
Sephora (you can spend a little or a lot of money here, lots of good options)

The main thing when purchasing brushes is to feel the texture of them...you want a soft brush touching your face everyday, right?! If it feels crunchy put it back on the shelf. While more expensive brushes will last longer, inexpensive ones will do the trick and last if you take care of them. Remember, you don't have to be loyal to one line when it comes to brushes unless you want all of yours to match perfectly, mine are from all different lines!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Fall Into Fall

I'm all about the current season we are in...cooler temperatures, leaves changing colors...and all things pumpkin! I literally go crazy over anything pumkin. Pumpkin candles, colors, pie, bread, cookies, I could go on and on! So, with all of the pumpkin around me I've realized this is the perfect time to integrate golds and red browns into your eye shadows. Now is the perfect time to play up brown shadows and make them glow with gold. Here are a few of my favorite fall eye shadow colors...

Urban Decay's Roach- the perfect red brown, its pigmented, so it gives lots of color!

Smashbox Ambient- a true gold, it shimmers and sparkles! Use on your lid to add a glow, or use under your eyes to brighten and blend eyeliner.

MAC's Amber Lights- The perfect orange brown, this will make blue eyes stand out!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Be Rewarded

Stores often have rewards cards and is important to sign up for one so that you can get coupons, and free products for your birthday or for spending a certain amount of money. Here are three stores you need to have a rewards card to:

Ulta: If you shop at Ulta only twice a year still sign up for the rewards card. It is free to do and you will receive coupons and flyers about new products. The coupons are great, like $3.50 off your purchase of $10 or more, or 20% off of a purchase. You will also be rewarded four times throughout the year based on how much money you've spent there. I've gotten something for free everytime this comes around, anything from a full size lotion or cotton squares, to an Ulta makeup product or OPI nail polish. Carrying that little card with you will make a big difference!

Sephora: Sephora's card is called the "Beauty Insider." Once again, this card is free you simply need to sign up for it. For each dollar you spend you receive a point. At 100 points you will get your choice of a free deluxe sample. You also get a free gift during your birthday month. Last year it was 3 lip glosses (all great colors), this year it was an eye makeup set with a shadow, mascara and liner...this rewards card is oh so worth it! Sephora is also great about looking you up in the system by your email (if you are like me and forget to carry your card with you sometimes).

Sally Beauty Supply: At Sally Beauty their card is called the Beauty Club card. You do have to pay $5.00 to get the card and then $5.00 each year to renew it. You will get coupons and get to use the lower rate on the price tag at their stores once you have it. If you only go there a couple of times a year it probably isn't worth it. I frequent this store for fake lashes, cotton squares, lip brushes and other things for my makeup kit, so I notice the savings. They focus more on hair care and nails, but do have a small makeup section. If you love lashes this store has one of the biggest selections!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Buy Sets

With the holidays coming up every makeup line will be offering gift sets. This is the perfect time to get multiple products or limited edition products for a great price. Makeup lines often create gift sets for department stores, Ulta and Sephora. Here are a few gift sets that look like loads of fun!

Benefit's "Her Name Was Glowla" (at Sephora)This set is full of products that will give you a glow, use them together or individually.

Kiehl's 'World of Kiehl's' Set (at Nordstrom) This is one of my favorite skin care lines, great quality at a great price point.

Clinique's "Double the Kisses Gift" Set (at Dillard's) Three lip shades in a cute pink bag, what could be better?!

There are many more sets out there and many more to come in the next two months, so keep your eyes out for gift sets! You'll get more for your money, or possibly an irresistable and irreplacable limited edition product!

Monday, November 1, 2010

And the Winner of a $15 Gift Card Is....

Congratulations Stacie Thompson! Email me at summermakeup@gmail.com in the next 48 hours to declare which gift card you would like! Also send me your mailing address. Thanks to everyone for following and commenting! Each follower was assigned a number based on the order you appear on my blog as followers and then those who only commented were assigned a number based on when they commented. Numbers were plugged into random.org, results are posted in pictures below.

Keep reading, a holiday giveaway will be here in December!