Sunday, October 31, 2010

Last Day To Enter Fall Giveaway

Don't forget, today is the last day to either become a follower or comment on one of my October blog posts so that your name will be entered in the fall giveaway! The winner will get to choose a $15 gift card to Ulta or Sephora. I will announce the winner November 1, so be sure to check Makeup Montage tomorrow!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Fill In Your Brows

Filling in your eyebrows with color is something small that will make a big difference. If you have thin brows or parts of your brows that are thinner than the rest filling in your brows with a little color is an excellent idea. It will give your eyebrows a fullness and polished look. If you have descent brows then you may not need to fill them in everyday, but if you are going for a more dramatic look or going to an event where pictures will be taken, your brows will look cleaner and polished if you fill them in. Here are a few steps:

First only fill in where you have holes or thin hair, you do not need to go over the whole brow, only apply color where needed.

Next, after you apply color go over it with an eyebrow brush or mascara spoolie to soften and blend the color

All lines offer some kind of brow color. You can get an eyebrow pencil or powder. If you have blonde or red hair you need to use a blonde pencil. If you are a brunette use a brown one. If you have very dark or black hair either use a dark brown color or black powder--I do not suggest black pencil on eyebrows.

An awesome brow color product that is super cheap is NYC Browser Brush-on Brow Powder with Grooming Wax and Tweezers. While I don't think the tweezers are worth even trying to use, the brow powder and wax are great!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Marvelous Mascara

Mascara can make such a marvelous difference, especially when you apply it the right way! Be sure to put mascara on your top and lower lashes, don't leave those lower lashes out! I also like to put mascara on the top of the lashes rather than just underneath, this is good to do if you are using a frosty shadow that has gotten on your lashes or have blonde want your lashes to be all the same color. If you want to get extra mascara on your lashes, wiggle the wand as you go from the root of the lashes the the ends.

There are SO many mascara options, you are bound to find one that is right for you! While my personal favorite is
Loreal Voluminous, there are many products with raving are a few worth looking into:

YSL Faux Cils
Dior Show
Maybelline Great Lash
Lancome Mascaras...there are lots to choose from

As far as color goes, if you have blonde or red hair go with a brown or brown black, unless you wear a lot of dark eye makeup, if so go with black. Brunettes should wear brown black or black...personally I want my mascara as dark as I can get it!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Giveaway Reminder

Don't forget about the fall giveaway this month! The winner will receive a $15 gift card to either Ulta or Sephora...all you have to do is become a follower this month or comment on at least one blog post in October. Each person's name will only be entered once. For more details scroll down to the Fall Giveaway post!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Homecoming Makeup

Just two weekends ago was the Homecoming Dance at a local high school. I had so much fun doing makeup for five girls, each with a different look to match their personality and style! Homecoming this year was all about fabulous cocktail dresses, side updos, spiral curls and flawless makeup with a little drama mixed in for fun. Thanks girls for sharing your pictures and letting me be a part of your day!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Find Fabulous Fakes

Fake what? Lashes! I love what fake, or false lashes do to people's eye makeup for events and pictures. I use false lashes on 90% of my brides and about 95% of my clients when I do their makeup for events. Here are a few tips when purchasing and using false eyelashes so that you can have fabulous results!

What brand to buy:
My favorite is Ardell, it can be found at Sally's Beauty Supply and Ulta. These lashes are also sold in the pro makeup stores I shop at in LA like Nigel Beauty Emporium and Frends Beauty Supply (so they are what makeup artists use most often). They are affordable and look great.

If you want to invest more money go to MAC or Shu Umuera.

What glue to use:
Either Duo or Lash Grip, always go with the dark tone, it will dry and look like black eyeliner. Both of these are waterproof which means if you cry they will stay on.

How to apply:
After you have applyed eyeshadow, curled your lashes and put on one coat of mascara it is time for lashes!
First lay the lash on your lashline (without glue) to see how much you should trim off the ends. Some people will not need to trim the ends (outer sides) of the lashes, other people with smaller eyes will need to. This will help the lash better fit your eye shape.
Next apply a thin line of glue to the lashline. Let it sit about 10 seconds before applying it to your lashline so it can get tacky (this will help it stick on easier). I have found that when applying lashes to myself it is easier to look down into a mirror that is laying flat on my counter rather than looking into a mirror on the wall.
After applying both lashes go over your lashline with a liquid liner, gel liner, or cake liner to create a clean line so that your eye makeup looks finished. Then apply a little bit of mascara to the ends of the fake lashes to blend them with your are ready to go!

How to Remove:
Simply peel off the false lashes when you are ready to remove them. They really only last a day or evening, I have a few clients who have worn them 2's up to you. Once you remove, eye makeup remover will take off the glue that is left over.

You can usually reuse lashes 1 or 2 more times after you have worn them once.

*Most popular Ardell lashes in my kit: #109, #124, #110

Happy blinking and winking!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pretty In Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so this is the perfect time to find a pink inspired beauty product and you can know that your money is going towards a good cause. Below are a few products I have discovered that are worth sharing!

Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Bricks are one of my favorite products, and this month they have a limited edition Pink Ribbon Shimmer Brick. From the looks of it and the reviews it will give your skin a gorgeous glow just like the other Shimmer Bricks.

I love Philosophy's products, it is a simple line and once you try one product you will definitely want another. My first and probably favorite product from this line is a fragrance, Falling In Love...the name alone drew me in and the fact that it smells like cotton candy has kept me wearing it! This month they have a new bath and shower gel called Shower for the Cure.

I don't wear a lot of Shiseido, but sometimes they suprise me, like right now with this too cute to be true pink lip gloss! Remember with brighter tones lip gloss is the perfect way to brighten because it goes on more sheer than a lipstick.

I'm obsessed with Michael Kors watches and purses and also love his fragrance Very Hollywood. This month he has a travel size roll on fragrance and lip gloss (coral) duo. Perfect for travel or touch up at the end of the work day. I will definitely be getting this!

This is just a glimpse of what is out there right now in the beauty world, check out In Style's website to see 39 products created for Breast Cancer Awareness month...everything from clothing and accessories to beauty and home. Enjoy all things pink!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Know Your Ingredients

Have you ever been that person in a picture with a super white face when you know you looked normal in real life? Or, if you haven't been that person I'm sure you've seen that person in a photo...well, you no longer have to look like a ghost in pictures as long as you know a few ingredients to avoid.

When buying foundation, concealer and/or powder look at the ingredients, if the product has titanium dioxide, mica or zinc listed as one of the first ingredients it is time to set that product down and find a new one. Those three ingredients alone or together reflect light and cause you to look white in photos. They are often found in products with sunscreen or used as cheap fillers. If you see one of these ingredients listed at the end of a list of ingredients or it comes after the words "may contain..." you should be fine since they are not the dominant ingredients.

It is only in foundation, powder and concealer that you need to avoid those ingredients. If they are in your eye shadow or blush you are perfectly fine.

So, from now on it should be only your teeth looking white in pictures, not your face!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fall Giveaway

I want to thank my fabulous readers by doing a fall giveaway! The weather is changing which means it's time to go out and find a new product for fall, so I am going to give the winner of this giveaway a $15 gift card to either Sephora or will be the winner's choice!

To enter either become a follower of my blog, or comment on at least one of my blog posts in October (make sure your post is not anonymous so that I know your name for the giveaway). The winner will be announced on November 1!

*Winner will be chosen by