Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday Giveaway

Just a reminder you only have today and tomorrow left to comment so you can be entered to win a Maybelline lipstick from their new Pearls Lipcolor collection. The color is Bronze Beam (correction from Sugared Almond). I'm throwing in a few samples as well...see the original post from last week for more details. I'll announce the winner this Thursday. I hope everyone's holiday season is fabulous!!


  1. bronze beam... I have no idea how this would look on my coloring!

    anyways! what are some blush/bronzer recommendations you have? I've used bare escentuals warmth forever, but am officially out! you know my skin pigmentation... so what do you think?

    also, what do you think about cetaphil face lotion? I have very acne prone skin and need a good but cheaper moisturizer. And, I was wondering what you thought of tinted moisturizer? I've mixed arbonne tinted moisturizer with whatever regular moisturizer I had at the time (I like blending it more do that the tintvisnt as thick) but am almost out of arbonne's. thoughts on this too??

    thanks summer :-)

  2. Sami- Cetaphil is a great moisturizer that is dermatologist approved. If you want something similar but a different brand check out Neutrogena.
    I think tinted moisturizer is a fabulous product...it adds just a little glow while moisturizing. If you are looking for coverage use concealer with the tinted moisturizer or foundation. Laura Mercier has awesome tinted moisturizer...most lines offer tinted moisturizer, if not year round they always appear in the spring/summer.
    I love Nars blush (Orgasm or Deep throat are great pinks with a hint of gold). MAC Refined Golden bronzer is a favorite and it would look good on your skin coloring...they also have tons of blush options. If you are an Arbonne fan their bronzer is awesome and will last you FOREVER...hope this helps!

  3. it does help!!!! I'll have to check out ulta so I can test them out! I'm glad to know you approve of cetaphil... that's what Julia suggested but I've been trying to use up my others first!