Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Tip: Rim with Rimmel

Really readers, Rimmel has become my favorite soft kohl black eyeliner!

Pencil eyeliners often don't stay in place all day (on me at least), or they somehow end up smearing under my eyes...not the case here. I've been using the
Rimmel Jet Black Kajal Eye Liner Pencil (Soft Kohl) for a few weeks now and it is working perfectly. At $3.19 this is a GREAT deal! An even better deal is how I ended up with it at Ulta a few weeks ago for free.....I stumbled upon this little product when I was browsing Ulta (as I often do). I was about to get my usual level one rewards product- a 200 count bag of cotton squares...I always use them on myself or clients when removing eye makeup, so why not get them for free right? Well, I noticed a Rimmel eye pencil was one of my options (some of the options change each quarter). I figured why not check it out, I always need eye pencils. I will definitely be purchasing another black pencil and a few other colors for my kit...who knows I may even get a few more colors for myself too!

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