Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Print Perfection

I'm currently obsessing over the cover on my latest Make-Up Artist Magazine...

...and why shouldn't I? The print industry is my favorite because when all comes together, and the photographer captures the model as her makeup and hair are perfect along with lighting that will take the onlooker's breath away it is a truly perfect moment. Print is art and this image with makeup by Nelly Recchia, is just that. Nelly is an artist from France now working in LA and she also teaches airbrushing classes at Cinema Makeup School, one of the makeup schools I cool, right?! I didn't train under her, but I did train with another fabulous artist from France, Mireille Bertrand. It is always exciting to see what artists who are on the cutting edge come up with...and this cover is just that.


  1. That is an AMAZING photo!!

  2. I was so excited when I got home yesterday and this was in my mailbox! Absolutely fabulous!