Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Make Your Eyes Stand Out

If eyes are the window to the soul, you might as well make them stand out! Many readers have asked what color of eye shadow to wear based on their eye color so that their eyes look the best they can. For everyday wear I believe you want people to notice your eyes, not your eye shadow...save the drama for your evening look. These shades are based on what color is opposite of your eye color on the color wheel (yes there is a science to it!)

If you have blue eyes: Go for peach, gold tones and orange browns to make your blue eyes stand out. You can also use gray and light shimmery tones to make your blue eyes sparkle. Plums also make blue eyes more noticable.

If you have green eyes: Go for plum tones and smokey greens to make your eyes stand out. Golds and red browns are also great colors on green eyes.

If you have brown eyes: You can do anything and be dramatic without it being too over the top since your eyes are darker already! Exciting news, right? My suggestion for everyday wear is to find a great brown and mix in a gold or bronze tone. Sometimes people get in a brown eye shadow rut, and you can easily get out of it with a little shimmer added to the mix. Brown eyes also should invest in a great plum shade.

Anyone can do a smokey eye...the intensity level of it should match your eye, hair and skin color (i.e. darker skin hair and eyes go more dramatic, lighter hair eyes and skin go softer).

Remember, these are proven ways to make your eyes stand out, not rules you need to live by everyday...still take time to be creative and try new and unexpected shades!

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