Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Be Rewarded

Stores often have rewards cards and is important to sign up for one so that you can get coupons, and free products for your birthday or for spending a certain amount of money. Here are three stores you need to have a rewards card to:

Ulta: If you shop at Ulta only twice a year still sign up for the rewards card. It is free to do and you will receive coupons and flyers about new products. The coupons are great, like $3.50 off your purchase of $10 or more, or 20% off of a purchase. You will also be rewarded four times throughout the year based on how much money you've spent there. I've gotten something for free everytime this comes around, anything from a full size lotion or cotton squares, to an Ulta makeup product or OPI nail polish. Carrying that little card with you will make a big difference!

Sephora: Sephora's card is called the "Beauty Insider." Once again, this card is free you simply need to sign up for it. For each dollar you spend you receive a point. At 100 points you will get your choice of a free deluxe sample. You also get a free gift during your birthday month. Last year it was 3 lip glosses (all great colors), this year it was an eye makeup set with a shadow, mascara and liner...this rewards card is oh so worth it! Sephora is also great about looking you up in the system by your email (if you are like me and forget to carry your card with you sometimes).

Sally Beauty Supply: At Sally Beauty their card is called the Beauty Club card. You do have to pay $5.00 to get the card and then $5.00 each year to renew it. You will get coupons and get to use the lower rate on the price tag at their stores once you have it. If you only go there a couple of times a year it probably isn't worth it. I frequent this store for fake lashes, cotton squares, lip brushes and other things for my makeup kit, so I notice the savings. They focus more on hair care and nails, but do have a small makeup section. If you love lashes this store has one of the biggest selections!

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