Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Make Gel Liner Easy to Apply

I went to use my Bobbi Brown gel liner (in espresso) this morning and it was looking a little pathetic. There are just a few clumps of gel liner left in the jar, but I am bound and determined to use it all and not let any go to waste. Well, as I began to apply it I couldn't even get the product on my brush....major problem...so, it was time to figure something out to make it work, eyeliner to me is a must. What I discovered is a little trick everyone can use to make their gel liner apply smooth and perfect.

First, I cleaned my brush, you can't apply makeup with brushes that have makeup on them or are dirty. I put Neutrogena eye makeup remover on a kleenex and rubbed the brush in swirl motions on the kleenex to remove the product, you wouldn't believe the amount of gel liner that was on the brush (yuck!). Next I used my perfectly clean brush to apply the liner, I realized that by having a little bit of eye makeup remover on the brush it helped break down the gel liner that has dried out some with time. My liner went on in a perfect line thanks to my brush being clean so there were no clumps of product on it and it went on easily since the eye makeup remover made it more of a liquid consistency.

Try this trick out if you have gel liner that is drying out or is a dry consistency. I know that Bobbi Brown and Maybelline's gel liner is great but a drier consistency than MAC's liner.

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