Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Love Liquid Eyeliner

There is something I just love about liquid eyeliner....it has such a clean and glamourous look to it. It is not the thing to wear if you plan to shed a tear (does anyone remember Lauren Conrad's tear shedding moment on The Hills with liquid eyeliner running down her cheek?). Well, here are a two of my favorite brands of liquid eyeliners for those moments you want to look fabulous and you know that you don't need a waterproof product.

Prestige This is a good basic liquid eyeliner that you can't go wrong with.

e.l.f. This only costs a dollar...what can be better than that?!

Remember, you only need to (and should in my opinion) line your top lashline with liquid liner, not your lower. Also, it comes in different shades, so experiment...if you feel like black is too harsh try a midnight blue or a plum!

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