Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Traveling

Packing for trips and traveling can be such a hassel. Especiallly when it comes to flying and making sure your items are 3 ounces or less and fit into a quart size bag, and then there's the fact that your items in your checked bag end up opening or exploding sometimes, so they all have to be in ziploc bags. I feel like a bag lady by the time I pack all of my items for a trip. Here are a few things I do to keep my cosmetic items to a minimum so that I can fit everything I need in my carry on and suitcase that I need, but not be weighted down by bottles and jars...

Try out sample size products or items you get from a gift (at a cosmetics line) on your trip. I have tons of sample size face creams, eye creams, eye makeup removers, etc...before I go on a trip I get out my sample size products and see which will work for me...sometimes this leads to me discovering a new great product!

Buy travel size products. So many people carry around full size products because they think that travel size products by that brand are not made....most lines sell items in travel size. Walmart and Target have lots of options, and so do Ulta and Sephora...so you are bound to find a brand that suits your beauty needs.

Buy or reuse small jars and bottles...I am all about refilling travel size shampoo bottles with more shampoo. I'm sure many of you already do this. Another thing I do is I reuse sample size pots and jars for my moisturizers, face creams, face wash, etc. This way instead of bringing my huge Neutrogena face wash I bring a less than 1 once jar with enough for my weekend trip. If you want to purchase travel size bottles Ulta has a set of 4 that are bright colors and fit into the requirements for air travel. Also, Sally Beauty Supply is full of bottles and jars that can be used for travel.

Make it work...before I travel I think through what I REALLY need...I'm a makeup artist, so I tend to think I need everything, but I've come to terms and I don't need all of my makeup on a trip. Think through your makeup, bring what you wear everyday and then one extra eyeshadow for night time, or a different lipstick. You don't need a multitude of makeup products. Also, think about the skin care products you are bringing. In my everyday life I use a daytime moisturizer, night cream and eye cream. When I go on trips I usually just bring my daytime moisturizer and eye cream...I ditch the night cream for a few days. Think about what you can leave behind for a few days so that you have less to pack.

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