Saturday, July 17, 2010

Maintaining Order With Your Makeup

According to my mom, when I was three years old she would perch me on her counter in her bathroom and I would hand over her makeup in the correct order that she applied it. Even at a young age I couldn't resist makeup, and knew the importance of applying it in order so that it would last all day...well maybe I didn't know that much, but I at least knew I was interested in the products. The order that you apply your makeup is important so that it will stay in place and last throughout the day or evening. See the list below to know what to apply first through last. You probably do not use all the items on the list, so just look for the products you use and apply the list to your makeup bag.
1. Moisturizer and lip balm
2. Foundation Primer
3. Foundation
4. Concealer (I find that it stays better if you do it after foundation)
5. Cream/mousse blush and any liquid/cream bronzers or highlighters
6. Powder (loose or pressed)
7. Powder blush
8. Eye shadow primer
9. Eye shadow
10. Eye liner
11. Curl lashes
12. Mascara
13. Any powder bronzers or highlighters
14. Lipliner
15. Lipstick
16. Lip gloss

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