Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Tip: How to Make Eyeliner on Your Inner Rim Last

When lining your inner rim (water line) do one of two things to make it last longer:
1. Use an eyeliner brush to apply powder to your inner rim to help dry the area, then use your eye pencil to line. The powder allows the pencil to apply and stay on better.
2. Use a water resistent gel liner on your inner rim. I find that these stay in place all day or evening. MAC and Bobbi Brown have amazing gel liners!

MAC Fluidline Eye Liner Gel Blacktrack (Black)

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner

My favorite Bobbi Brown color is Espresso (dark brown)


  1. Brittany EdmonstonAugust 2, 2010 at 11:28 AM

    Summer! Hi...how do you make eyes not look so tired?!?! Or better yet, if you have eyes that shape downward how do you perk them up. Where do you put eyeliner.

    Dazed and confused!

  2. Hi Brittany! Line your whole top lid, but make the line skinnier in the center (inner corner of your eye) and make the line thicker as you line outward. By making the line thicker on the outer corners you can give the illusion that your eyes are shaped more upward- think about the cat eye effect, just less dramatic for everyday. If you feel like you look tired try adding a gold tone shadow or a light cream tone with shimmer (like Stila Kitten) to your inner corners of your eye. It will add a pop of color. I find that when my eyes are looking tired if I add something light with a little shimmer on my lid or inner corners it does the trick.

  3. Ever since we talked about champagne eyeshadow, I have been dreaming about Stila Kitten. My Ulta coupon is ready to go get it, I just need to get up to The District!

  4. While you're there enjoy In-N-Out for me! Kitten is one of my favorites, but there are a few champagne colored eye shadows in their line, so look at all of them.