Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Fill In Your Brows

Filling in your eyebrows with color is something small that will make a big difference. If you have thin brows or parts of your brows that are thinner than the rest filling in your brows with a little color is an excellent idea. It will give your eyebrows a fullness and polished look. If you have descent brows then you may not need to fill them in everyday, but if you are going for a more dramatic look or going to an event where pictures will be taken, your brows will look cleaner and polished if you fill them in. Here are a few steps:

First only fill in where you have holes or thin hair, you do not need to go over the whole brow, only apply color where needed.

Next, after you apply color go over it with an eyebrow brush or mascara spoolie to soften and blend the color

All lines offer some kind of brow color. You can get an eyebrow pencil or powder. If you have blonde or red hair you need to use a blonde pencil. If you are a brunette use a brown one. If you have very dark or black hair either use a dark brown color or black powder--I do not suggest black pencil on eyebrows.

An awesome brow color product that is super cheap is NYC Browser Brush-on Brow Powder with Grooming Wax and Tweezers. While I don't think the tweezers are worth even trying to use, the brow powder and wax are great!

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