Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Know Your Ingredients

Have you ever been that person in a picture with a super white face when you know you looked normal in real life? Or, if you haven't been that person I'm sure you've seen that person in a photo...well, you no longer have to look like a ghost in pictures as long as you know a few ingredients to avoid.

When buying foundation, concealer and/or powder look at the ingredients, if the product has titanium dioxide, mica or zinc listed as one of the first ingredients it is time to set that product down and find a new one. Those three ingredients alone or together reflect light and cause you to look white in photos. They are often found in products with sunscreen or used as cheap fillers. If you see one of these ingredients listed at the end of a list of ingredients or it comes after the words "may contain..." you should be fine since they are not the dominant ingredients.

It is only in foundation, powder and concealer that you need to avoid those ingredients. If they are in your eye shadow or blush you are perfectly fine.

So, from now on it should be only your teeth looking white in pictures, not your face!


  1. Okay so it may be bad PR to put up brands to stay away from due to these ingredients, but could you tell us some brands that you know of that don't have these ingredients that we should try?

  2. PS KAOSU01 is Teri

  3. If you use Make Up For Ever, Giorgio Armani or Laura Mercier you are in the clear...I will do some more research and list more brands. The main thing to look for is to make sure that those ingredients are not listed, or if they are it is at the very end of the list.

  4. Thanks for the great tips, I need to keep a note of this otherwise I just keep forgetting reading the ingredients.