Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Marvelous Mascara

Mascara can make such a marvelous difference, especially when you apply it the right way! Be sure to put mascara on your top and lower lashes, don't leave those lower lashes out! I also like to put mascara on the top of the lashes rather than just underneath, this is good to do if you are using a frosty shadow that has gotten on your lashes or have blonde lashes...you want your lashes to be all the same color. If you want to get extra mascara on your lashes, wiggle the wand as you go from the root of the lashes the the ends.

There are SO many mascara options, you are bound to find one that is right for you! While my personal favorite is
Loreal Voluminous, there are many products with raving reviews...here are a few worth looking into:

YSL Faux Cils
Dior Show
Maybelline Great Lash
Lancome Mascaras...there are lots to choose from

As far as color goes, if you have blonde or red hair go with a brown or brown black, unless you wear a lot of dark eye makeup, if so go with black. Brunettes should wear brown black or black...personally I want my mascara as dark as I can get it!

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  1. Cover Girl lash blast is great too! I personally like Avon's wash-off waterproof mascara... been using it for years. And, you can get it on sale for $2.99 sometimes! Regular price is only $6 too!