Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Left My Heart In New York

I love the energy of big cities...I especially love New York City. I love the fast pace, the fact that people are going places and getting there quickly. I love the style, the fact that you see anything and everything when you are walking the streets, shopping, or dining out. I love the inspiration I gain every time I go there. Inspiration from the city, the people, the arts and the places. I'm always on a high for weeks after visiting, that is of course after the brief low I experience from having to leave the fabulous Big Apple. Each time I visit I fall in love with the city more, and each time I leave it's harder to do that the last time. I was there during their most recent big snow with 19 inches in Central Park. Even though schools shut down for a day (which never happens there) that didn't stop me from exploring the city and having the time of my life...I will have a series of blog posts highlighting different parts of my trip to New York City, the most recent love of my life. And of course, there will be makeup tips intertwined!


I absolutely love musicals...I've seen everything from classics to comedies to rock opera, which is how the most recent show I saw this time around is classified. American Idiot is a musical set to Green Day music, which I feel like anyone in my age range can relate to. I loved the look of the makeup...very punk. It made me want to paint my nails black (which they normally are) and smudge the eyeliner under my a major way! To brighten the grunge look there were bright pops of color mixed into the eye makeup and lipstick and wardrobe. The girls' hair had volume rather than being flat. One of the highlights of the show was the fact that the lead singer of Green Day played one of the characters and led the closing song, Good Riddance along with the rest of the cast strumming guitars and harmonizing. This was definitely a dark musical with a realistic ending rather than a happily ever after ending...but it left me wanting more!

To get a smudged look on your eyes use a black pencil liner to line your upper and lower lashline, then smudge with a q-tip. Also line your inner rim for a dramatic effect. To soften the look of smudged black eyeliner use a plum eyeshadow on your outer lower corners.

For dark nails go for my all time favorite OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. It's a dark plum that leaves people giving your nails a second look...from afar they may look black but up close its actually plum. The best look with dark polish is short nails.

For voluminous hair use my favorite hairspray (thanks to one of my Orange County friends introducing me to it) Kenra Volume Spray. This works great to lift your roots.

More to come on my New York Adventures....just look for the title "I Left My Heart In New York!"

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