Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Beautifully Bronzed

Winter has been here too long and with this week of warm weather my mind is fast forwarding to spring and summer and being out in the sun. During warmer months the only place I want to be is by a pool or beach soaking up the sun...of course I ALWAYS wear sunscreen and you should too.

So what's a girl to do in these last few months before fun in the sun can begin? Use a bronzer! My favorite powder bronzers are MAC's Bronzing Powder in Refined Golden (great color for most skin coloring and has a tiny hint of shimmer). Another favorite is Arbonne's Bronzer. One of my favorite cheap finds is Bonnebell's Gel Bronzer and also their Loose Glimmer Bronze.

Don't forget, in addition to bronzing your face you can use your bronzer on your neck, chest, shoulders and arms....yes, really! It looks a little strange to have a bronzed face and then the rest of your body look pale...it's all about blending! One trick I've used to bronze my arms and legs is mixing loose powder bronzer with lotion, it creates a nice glow with a hint of color.

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