Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Have Your Best Hair Day...With Little Effort

I'm going to be honest with you (as always), I'm a busy person, and not much of a morning person. So, that means there are some mornings that I simply don't have time to wash my hair (clearly I value my sleep). I've found a little something that is a life saver, well-hair saver, on mornings like that though. Dry shampoo. I remember reading an article about it years ago and thinking wow, what a great idea! But it was impossible to find at the time. A couple years ago I picked up a bottle of TIGI's Dirty Secret. I was hooked instantly. I had figured out a great way to save time and keep my hair looking fabulous! Dry shampoo is so easy to use, you simply spray it on your roots and fluff your hair. It gives your hair a fresh look rather than a drab second day oily look. There was one problem with my discovery though, I'm brunette, and I dye my hair so that it is darker than my natural color...most dry shampoos on the market have a slight white color to them, so they work great for blondes but not so great for brunettes. I found a way to make it blend, but it took more effort than dry shampoo should. Thankfully, Bumble and Bumble has looked out for ladies with all hair colors. Try their dry shampoo, now sold at Sephora (which means I picked up a bottle of my own this evening when I was there). It comes in white, blonde, brown and black....perfect! This is a pricey product, but oh so worth it. You can use it as a substitution for washing your hair, or as a way to add some volume and life to your hair at the end of the day before going out. So, whether you are busy with your job, school, kids, or life in general and need to save a few minutes you now know how to save time and still look great!

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