Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Excellent Exfoliator

I've gotten out of the habit of exfoliating my skin the past couple of years...I think one day I ran out of whatever I was using and failed to purchase another exfoliator. Well, I have been missing out, in a MAJOR way! I had a 15% off coupon to Sephora burning a hole in my wallet last week, so off I went, I mean who doesn't use a coupon to Sephora?! I left with new foundation and powder for my makeup kit and 2 products for myself, the dry shampoo I blogged about last week and my new favorite exfoliator by Bliss, Pore Perfecting Facial Polish. This is a very gentle scrub and after using it I feel my face glowing...really! By removing old dead skin cells on top of your skin (by scrubbing) your skin will look younger because it then has a smooth even texture and a natural glow...so, whether you go pick up my favorite exfoliator from Sephora or find one at your local drug store get in the habit of using one 2-3 mornings a week...it's something I'm getting into a habit of again!

*Remember, scrubs for your face should be VERY gentle, rougher scrubs can be used for your body. If you are using a scrub that is too harsh it can actually enlarge pores, and we want to do the opposite.

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