Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Change Your Foundation Color

It's almost summertime and I have already switched to my darker foundation for the summer....not because I'm tanned, but because I feel like my skin needs more of a glow. I am of course bronzing my neck and chest to blend this new slightly darker shade. I think that changing your foundation color twice a year is a must. In the winter you don't need to have a darker foundation, you need to match your skin. I embrace my "Snow White Complex" (as my manager at Armani called it) during the winter months. I play up the lighter skin, dark lips and dark hair. During the summer though I'm ready to look bronzed and dewey with peach toned cheeks and glossy lips. So, when you go foundation shopping in May or June go just barely darker than your normal shade so that your face will match your bronzed skin you'll have after being out in the sun. A couple of ways to change up your foundation color without buying a new foundation shade is to mix in a liquid bronzer with your foundation, or use a powder bronzer on top to add a glow.

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