Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Be a Beach Beauty

I'm heading to the beach, which is my favorite place, this month and I cannot wait! Here are some things to remember when doing makeup for a day at the beach...

First, you are at the beach, so don't get too made up! Just put on a little to give yourself a glow. Start with sunscreen, and remember you need to reapply this! You do not want to burn or get wrinkles before you must. When it comes to makeup skip the foundation unless it's waterproof and you feel it is neccessary. Apply concealer under your eyes to cover dark circles and to any trouble spots. Powder and add a little blush or bronzer. Personally, I like to skip any major eye makeup and only put on a little bit of waterproof mascara to make my eyes stand out a little. Apply a sheer colored gloss or tinted chapstick and you are good to go! You can do as little of this or as much as you wish, but as I said at first, don't get carried away with makeup at the beach.....you want to look like a natural beach beauty!

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