Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Lovely Lips

Lip color is such a fun and easy thing to change up depending on the day and your mood. I find when I do makeup that a lot of people don't wear lipstick and stick to a neutral gloss or chapstick...there is no need to be afraid of lipstick or adding color to your lips! Here are a few things to know about when it comes to making your lips look lovely...

If you have small lips use a neutral or lighter color and gloss, if you do a dark color your lips will appear smaller. Don't feel like you can never wear a dark color, now you just know the effect it will have on your lips.

Lipsticks come in many different textures....a lot of people steer clear of lipstick because they assume it is heavy and something people wore twenty years ago. You can find sheer lipsticks, shine, shimmer, or matte...my point, there is one out there for you!

If you want to stick with gloss at least pick one with some color to change things up.

To make your lip color, whether lipstick or gloss last longer use a lip liner first, line and fill in your lips. Choose a neutral lip liner that will match your lips so you can use it with all lipsticks you use.

My favorite lines to purchase lip products from are MAC (tons of color and texture options), Bobbi Brown (lots of great neutrals and everyday colors), Giorgio Armani (classic colors and I love their sheer and shine lipsticks), Smashbox (awesome glosses). One of my latest cheap finds is 99 cent lip gloss from Sally Beauty Supply. The glosses are mini and found right by the counter.

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