Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Find a Terrific Top Coat

I love painting my nails and use all different brands of nail polish because I have found that even the cheap nail polishes stay in place with the right top coat. So, while I'm a fan of OPI and Essie I'm also a fan of NYC and Wet N Wild. My favorite top coat is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri-Anti-Chip Top Coat. It actually makes my nail polish last, and it dries in 30 seconds...even better!

You can find it in your local Ulta, Walmart, or Target, or here on Amazon.


  1. I think I buy a new one every 2 months, love it! But can't they come out with better (i.e. less embarassing) packaging??? I mean really, what's with the red bottle for a clear top coat?

  2. It is confusing, but I don't care because its amazing! I'm glad you found the version of it that doesn't chip off :)