Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Make Your Eyeshadow Pop

The general rule with eyeshadows is that the more money you invest in them the more pigmented they will be, meaning they have more color. Lines like MAC, Stila, Make Up For Ever and Nars are known for their bold colors that have great textures. If you want to make an eyeshadow stand out like those that you bought for less money here are tricks to make the color pop. Try one or all of these to see which one works best for you. You can also use these tricks with your pigmented shadows for extra drama, and who doesn't love a little drama?!

- Use an eyeshadow base like MAC Bare Canvas(it comes in a squeeze tube)

- Use a cream eyeshadow underneath your powder eyeshadow like Revlon Illuminance Cream Shadow (use a neutral color so it doesn't conflict with your eyeshadow)

- Apply concealer on your eyelid before applying eyeshadow

By applying a cream base to your lid it allows the eyeshadow to stick on to something...try one of these tricks and see the difference!


  1. I use MAC Cream Colour Base in "Hush" everyday under my eyeshadow and love it! After I apply it with my finger (all the way up to my brow bone), I use a powder puff to gently set the cream so it doesn't crease. I also use it for a natural look and wear it alone with an application of brown eyeshadow across my lash line (instead of eye liner) and a touch of mascara. Works wonders!

  2. I'll definitely have to try that too...a base for eyeshadow makes SUCH a difference!