Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Use an Eye Makeup Remover

If you wear eye makeup, even if it isn't waterproof, you still need to use an eye makeup remover. It is best to use a cotton ball or square with the eye makeup remover rather than a tissue. There is nothing worse to me than seeing someone with day old black eyeliner and mascara under their eyes. Not to mention that the eye area is more sensitive than the rest of your face due to the skin being thinner. So, using an eye makeup remover ensures you will not have any remnants of yesterday's makeup and it allows you to remove makeup easily without extra wear and tear on your eye area. Practically every makeup line has an eye makeup remover, and I have tried A LOT of them. When I was first gathering products for my makeup kit I spent probably an hour at Sephora with my hands covered in waterproof mascaras and liners to test multiple eye makeup removers. The $20+ eye makeup remover I found that day does not compare to my favorite for the past few years, Neutrogena's Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover.

If you aren't a fan of liquid eye makeup removers, or need a product that is easy to travel with try Almay's Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover Pads.

You can find both of these products at your local drug store or one of my favorite stores, Ulta.


  1. Summer, I currently use the Almay pads and love them, but I was recently told that Baby Shampoo is a good eye make up remover...what are your thoughts?

  2. I love Tuesday Tips! The Almay ones are good for lazy chicas like me =)

  3. Teri, I have never tried baby shampoo for eye makeup, I've used baby oil which ended up breaking me out due to the oily consistency. On set a lot of makeup artists use baby wipes to remove makeup, so I'm sure it would. I feel like using something that is specifically created for the eye area is probably better.