Friday, August 6, 2010

Who Needs Sleep When There's Makeup?

Apparently sleep is overrated, but looking great never when I don't sleep through the night, I have a few tricks that help save my tired looking face in the morning and they can help you too. First, wash your face with cold water to help swollen looking eyes. Next, moisturize and apply makeup like normal, but when it comes to your eyes do one of two things: use a white or blue eyeliner pencil on your inner rim (this is in addition to your regular eyeliner and mascara). If you use white eyeliner on your inner rim it will brighten your eyes by making the whites of your eyes look bigger- this is also a trick to help smaller eyes look bigger. If you have a lot of redness use the blue eyeliner on your inner rim because it will counteract the red. These little changes in eyeliner make a difference. This trick has worked a handful of times on myself and also models and brides who need a little extra help from missing their beauty sleep the night before a photoshoot or big event.

Try Prestige's Classic Khol Eyeliner in E-30 White

Or Prestige's Classic Khol Eyeliner in E-20 Midnight

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  1. PTL. You know I don't ever get sleep!

  2. Stephanie, maybe you should try Ambien too!