Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Spring into Spring!

The temperatures were in the 80's today in Tulsa and for some reason I was still dressed for fall...I needed a quick way to brighten my look, so what did I go with ?! Blush of course, it's my life saver for everything (if you haven't noticed yet) and also a cute coral for my nails. I went with one of my favorite Essie colors, Cute as a Button...because it is as cute as a button, and that is just what I needed today!!

With these warmer temperatures it's important to integrate bright colors into not only your wardrobe, but also your look. Here are a few ways (other than colorful nails)to brighten your look:

Bright pink or coral lip gloss on top of your fall or winter red lipstick. When I worked at Armani my manager and I had a lip combo we loved...the number 21 shine lipstick with a shimmery pink gloss on top (number 7). For a similar result try Smashbox lip gloss in Boundlesss or Nonstop.

Brighten a smokey eye by using a pale pink as a base color instead of a taupe and/or add plum to your crease color. I love Make Up For Ever shadows, try #88 or #97 for a soft pink, for a plum try #121 or #142.

Last, if you don't wear blush start wearing it and if you already do put more on. My NEW favorite color is Blossom by Linda Mason Elements...this line was created by the fabulous artist Linda Mason and not only am I obsessed with the packaging (how could I not be?!) but I'm also obsessed with the color and the fact that it's pigmented. Look for a blog post about my visit to her studio/gallery in NYC.

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