Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Tip: Touch Up

Whether you are out all day or all night, touching up is a must for you to look fabulous. Do you ever wonder how the makeup artists at makeup counters look amazing all day? They touch up, trust me I was once one of them and I did, so did all of my co-workers. While certain makeup products do last longer you will most likely need to touch up to add life to your face at the end of a long day or night, so here is what I suggest to keep on hand, do one or all of these things to brighten and liven up your face...

Lip color- This is an obvious one, right? Keep a lipstick or gloss on hand so that you can touch up after eating or drinking, or after it naturally fades away, because unless you are into lip stains (which I'm not after purchasing a muave that turned bright pink on my lips....for hours) lip color won't last forever.

Pressed powder (because loose powder is messy)- Another one you've heard to do probably, although I never keep one with me. If you get oily keep one on hand, otherwise you can skip out on carrying powder.

Concealer- Carry it with you, it's small and will add so much life to your face. At the end of a long day I add a little under my eyes and to the inner corners of my eyes. Also, if you get a little redness around your nose or on your chin it is an easy touch up.

An eye product- This is up to you, I'm a fan of touching up my mascara at the end of the day, however sometimes I ditch the mascara touch up and go for adding more eyeliner if I'm meeting up with people for the evening. Even adding an extra sweep of eye shadow can make a difference, so decide what is best for you.

Blush- I'm a blush girl (if you haven't realized yet) the quickest way to add a glow to your face is to add a little pink to your cheeks.

This list may have you thinking you are going to be hovering over a mirror or going to the ladies room frequently to touch up...I'm NOT telling you to do that. I'm saying add lip color after you eat, at the end of a work day if you are heading out take 3-5 minutes to add a little more to your makeup, or if you are out for the evening do one lip or blush touch up.

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